Keycard Request Form

Use this form to request Keycards for the RFID lock on the front door of your property.

Please carefully read the following before requesting your Keycards:

  • Although facilitating property access is not a Club function, coordination with a Keycard vendor is provided by the Club as a courtesy to Owners who are in good standing with the Club and are either not in the approved Rental Program or are in the process of leaving the approved Rental Program.
    • If you are remaining within the approved Rental Program, please contact your Rental Manager instead.
  • If you purchased directory from the Margaritaville Sales team and have not received your new home keys, please contact your sales agent for assistance.
  • These Keycards provide access only to your property and to the Resort’s entry gates via the Resident / Returning Guest lanes; they do not provide access to the Club facilities such as the pools or Resort amenities such as the Fitness Center.
    • Replacement Member Cards, which provide facility/amenity access to Members, may be requested here.
  • A nominal fee of $10 per two Keycards applies for all keys requested. We will contact you for Credit Card Authorization.
  • To ensure security, Keycards cannot be mailed and will be provided in-person only to Owners. Photo ID may be required and a receipt acknowledgment form must be signed upon delivery.
  • Please plan ahead! Keycard requests are processed during normal business hours only; requests are typically completed within 5-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) but may take longer due to vendor availability, which may be limited at times (such as during holiday weeks). Scheduling is at the vendors discretion.
    • There is no emergency lockout service; to ensure 24/7 access to your property, we suggest you store a backup Keycard in a secure location.
  • Depending on when and how your lock was originally programmed, it may be necessary to also replace all existing Keycards (at no additional cost to you) when providing additional Keycards. We will advise you if this is the case.
  • In some cases, you will need to replace the battery in your front door lock before programming can occur. We will notify you if our vendor determines this to be the case. Do note, battery replacement is not a service offered through the Club.
  • Program limits may apply. If this program does not meet your needs, you also have the option of replacing your RFID lock with an approved traditional lock. Please contact Artemis Lifestyles for requirements.

If you have difficulty with this form, please contact Debbie Mafra ( for assistance.

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