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My Membership: How do I...

Club Membership is limited to Cottage Owners and their predesignated family members.  If you are new Cottage Owner, the Club will contact you once it receives information on your purchase (typically 3-4 weeks after your real estate closing occurs).  If you wish to complete your Membership documents prior to that, you may begin the process by sending us a copy of the ALTA, Closing Disclosure, or HUD document you received from the title company on the day of your real estate closing.  The document must be fully executed with all signatures and should be sent to Membership@FinsUpBeach.Club.
Contact Membership@FinsUpBeach.Club to update your Membership Records, including:
  • Updating the list of individuals on your Membership
  • Redesignating the Primary Member on your Membership
  • Updating charging privileges and your credit card on file
  • Arranging or stopping automatic payment of Member dues
Your Club Membership Card grants access to Club facilities and Resort amenities, the security gates at the Resort entrance, and Member discounts and perks where applicable.  It does not unlock the front door of your Cottage.  To receive a Member Card, an individual must be listed on an active Club Membership and must be in good standing with the Club.  To request your card, visit the Member Card page and follow the instructions on the request form.
Eligible Members receive discounts on select dining, shopping, and experiences around the Resort area.  Each offer is subject to terms and conditions, and a valid unexpired Member Card must be shown to receive the offer.
Creating an account on this site, known as the Member Portal, is an important first step; you'll find information on how to do this below.  If you provided your email address when you submitted your Club Membership documents, you'll also be automatically registered to receive email updates from us a few times each month (don't worry - you can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of each email).  You can also request to join our official Facebook group to get official updates directly in your social media feed; make sure you update your settings to be notified every time there's a new post in the group.  Beyond updates from the Club, you may also want to sign up for additional email updates directly from the Margaritaville Resort Orlando, Island H2O Live!, and Promenade at Sunset Walk websites.
Club Members may create an account on this Member Portal to access even more content, including a Member Events Calendar, information on Member Discounts, and the ability to request Cottage Nameplates and Member Cards.  To create your account, you'll need to know your Member Number (it's on your monthly statement from the Club).  Note that each person on the Membership has a different Member Number.  For example, the primary Member might be #99999, their spouse #99999A, and so on.  Once you know your own Member Number, visit the registration page and enter your Member Number and name as it appears on your Membership.  Once validated, you'll be able to then select a username and password for the site.
Members desiring a more streamlined Resort experience may opt to activate charging privileges on their Membership.  This option allows Members to use their Member Card as a payment method at the Club facilities and at select Margaritaville Hotel venues such as restaurants.  Each month's combined purchases are then processed by the Club as a single charge back to a Member's credit card on file.  This program also allows Members to designate which individuals on the Membership are permitted to charge purchases back to the Member account.  To activate charging privileges on your Membership or to receive more information, please email Membership@FinsUpBeach.Club.  Please note that neither Island H2O Live! nor the venues along the Promenade at Sunset Walk participate in this program.
Most Members keep a credit card on file with the Club to allow automtic payment of their annual dues and other charges each month.  If you wish to add or update your card on file, please contact Membership@FinsUpBeach.Club to complete an authorization form.  You may also review your statements and pay directly here on the Member Portal.

Access and Entry: How do I...

Your Club Membership Card is the primary method of accessing the Club facilities and Reort amenities.  Even if you forget your Membership Card, you can still access Fins Left/Right pools and Salty Rim Bar & Grill during staffed hours; present your government-issued photo ID to the pool staff at the entry gates so they can look up your Membership in our database.  Note: if you are with an approved Rental Management company, the Cottage Keycard issued by your Rental Company will also allow amenity access... but only during your stay at your Cottage.  Keycards for Cottages not in the approved Rental Program do not provide facility/amenity access.
The right lane at the Resort security gate is designed to allow speedy entry for Residents, Members, and returning Resort Guests.  Touch your Member Card or your Cottage Keycard to the electronic reader to open the gate.  There is no separate gate pass or toll pass style transponder for the gate.
Your Club Member Card does not work on the front door of your Cottage; you'll need a Cottage Keycard for that.

New Owners who purchased their Cottage directly from Margaritaville: Contact your sales representative to receive your initial Cottage Keycards.

New Owners who purchased their Cottage as a resale from a previous Owner:  The Seller is expected to provide Cottage Keycards to the Owner, like any other real estate transaction.  If the Keycards the Seller gave you are white or blue (rather than bright green), it's very likely that they are temporary cards which will soon expire.  You should request long-term Cottage Keycards to ensure you're not unexpectedly locked out.

Existing Owners in the approved Rental Program:  Your Rental Manager controls your door lock.  Contact them for assistance.

Existing Owners in the process of leaving the approved Rental Program:  If you are leaving the Rental Program, your Rental Company will typically issue a "final" keycard to you when they stop managing your Cottage.  This card usually expires within 30-60 days as they remove your Cottage from their computer systems.  You'll want to request a permanent Cottage Keycard through the Club as soon as possible to ensure you have continued access to your Cottage, especially if you left the Rental Program because you're selling your Cottage or will have a long-term tenant.

Existing Owners not in the approved Rental Program:  The Club can assist in many cases.  Requests typically take a few business days to fulfill; please see the Cottage Keycards page for more details and to place your request.

Longterm Rental Guests at a Privately-Owned Cottage:  The Owner of your Cottage is expected to provide Keycards to you, like any landlord.

Shortterm Vacation Rental Guests and Cottage Houseguests:  If you checked in for your stay at the Hotel's front desk, please return there for Keycard assistance.  If your stay did not require check-in at the Hotel front desk, Resort staff are unable to assist with your stay; Rental Guests should contact the person from whom they rented the Cottage, and Houseguests should contact the Cottage Owner.
The RFID locks installed on Cottage front doors are required as part of the approved Rental Program.  If your Cottage is not part of the Rental Program, the Club can assist with providing replacement Keycards... but some Owners opt instead to replace the RFID lock with an approved standard lock that is servicable by any locksmith.  However there are a few things to be aware of before making the change.  The RFID locks used on the Cottages contain a large internal component that results in a larger hole being cut in the door than for a traditional lock; as a result, some Owners have found it necessary to replace the entire door... not just the lock.  In addition, an architectural review is required via Artemis Lifestlyes before the lock can be replaced with a traditional lock.  Finally, it is advisable for the Owner to keep the original RFID lock in storage to avoid substantial expense later should they wish to rejoin the approved Rental Program or sell their Cottage.
The key code for your Cottage's back door is able to be reprogrammed to a personal code in certain circumstances.
Cottages within the approved Rental Program:  Your Cottage lock is enrolled in an electronic network which allows the lock to be controlled by your Rental Company.  They can assist with resetting the code if needed.
Cottages not within the approved Rental Program:  The Cottage Owner can reset the code by following the instructions in the lock's User Manual to perform a factory reset and set a new master code.  If you're unable to find your lock's user manual, the Club Management office maintains a copy.  Contact Jackie Steele for details.

Rentals, Houseguests, and Day Guests: How do I...

Members are able to bring non-Members with them to the Club facilities (subject to guidelines within the Club Membership Plan).  The Member must accompany these Day Guests for the entire duration of their visit to the Club facilities.  If you would like your Guests to have access without a Member present, they may be eligible for access as Houseguests; check the other sections below for more information.
One of the great perks of having a Cottage at Margaritaville is the ability to let family and friends use it for their vacations, too!  Your non-renting Guests (such as a family friend to whom you have gifted a Cottage stay without payment) can also access the Club facilities and Resort Amenities in many cases, even if you're not going to be there with them.
How do my Guests get into my Cottage?  If you're with a Rental Company, follow their instructions on how to block time at your Cottage for your non-renting Guests; the Rental Company will issue Cottage Keycards upon arrival.  If you're not with a Rental Company, you're responsible for getting a Cottage Keycard to your Guests.  Neither the Club nor the Hotel front desk can provide keycards to your Guests.
How do my Guests access the Club facilities and Resort amenities if I'm not there?  If neither you nor another Member on your Membership will be able to escort your Guests the entire time they're at the pool, you'll need to submit a Houseguest Reservation Request Form to the Club Membership Office at least five business days prior to your Guest's arrival.  A nightly amenity fee must be paid, which covers your Guests' access to the amenities for the duration of their stay.  Your Guests' names will then be on file with the Pool Staff so they can allow access to Fins Left/Right pools and Salty Rim Bar & Grill.  An amenity card can also be created so the Guests can access License to Chill pool, the business center, and the fitness center.  The Club limits these housguest visits to twelve Houseguest Reservations per Cottage, per calendar year; multiple consecutive nights at the same Cottage with the same Houseguests are considered a single Houseguest Reservation.  You may not allow a non-Member to use your Member Card to access the facilities, and you may not use the Houseguest reservation program to grant access to Rental Guests; these violations of Club rules are subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including fines, Membership suspension, and revocation of your Houseguest privileges.
Many Cottage Owners choose to offer their Cottage to the public as a vacation rental.

Two Rental Management Companies, ACE/VStays and LRR/Rentyl, make up the Resort's approved Rental Program.  These companies agree to uphold the Margaritaville rental standards in the Cottages they manage and therefore hold a license to market their rentals under the Margaritaville name.  They maintain a check-in desk in the Hotel lobby, and Rental Guests of these Cottages have full access to Resort amenities during their stay.  Your Cottage must be managed by one of these companies if you want your Rental Guests to be able to access Fins Left/Right pools, Salty Rim Bar & Grill, and resort amenities such as theme park transportation.

Cottage Owners may also rent their Cottages independently or through another rental company.  If an Owner choses this route, their Rental Guests will not have access to the Club facilities and Resort amenities, nor will these Rental Guests be able to check-in at (or receive reservation assistance from) the front desk.  Cottage Owners not within the approved Rental program are also responsible for maintaining and providing to the Community Manager all of the necessary documentation normally maintained by a Rental Management Company, such as insurance records, service provider contact information, and business licenses.  Contact Artemis Lifestyles for further information on requirements if renting your Cottage outside of the approved Rental Program.
Some Cottage Owners have long-term tenants in their Cottage.  For example, an Owner may prefer to stay at their Cottage during the winter months, then let a tenant stay in it for the entire summer.  To be considered a long-term tenant, the term of the lease must be at least three months in length.  The Club's Membership Plan includes a provision for the lessee to access the Club facilities during their tenancy, and the Cottage Owner also has the option to retain their own Club access during that time.  For more information, please contact Membership@FinsUpBeach.Club.  Like any landlord, you're responsible for making sure your tenant can access your Cottage; make sure you've acquired any extra Cottage Keycards you might need prior to the start of your tenant's lease.
If you've decided you no longer want to rent your Cottage, you'll need to contact your Rental Management Company and follow any steps they may require.  You should also contact Artemis Lifestyles to ensure they're aware of the change in status of your Cottage and complete any necessary documentation.  Finally, if you're leaving one of the approved Rental Companies and not signing with another approved Rental Company, submit your Cottage Keycard Request to ensure you'll have access to your Cottage after the Rental Company stops managing your Cottage; the Rental Companies typically issue a final temporary keycard which works only for 30-60 days after they stop managing your home.

Cottage Modifications and Repairs: How do I...

Cottage Owners are permitted to give their Cottage a personalized name and have an approved nameplate installed on the Cottage.  No architectural review is required, but all proposed Cottage names are reviewed by the Margaritaville brand prior to approval and the Club coordinates all orders with the Community's approved vendor.  To start the process, review the program guidelines and list of names already in use, then submit your request for review.
Proposed exterior modifications and additions require architectural approval through the Artemis Lifestyles prior to any work commencing. If you are part of the rental program, interior modifications must be presented to your Rental Company for approval by the Club prior to any work commencing. Certain modifications may also require appropriate permits from Osceola County government.
If your Cottage is still under its original builder warranty, you will need to submit a repair ticket through the builder's warranty portal.  Contact information for the warranty department may also be found on our Contacts page.

Miscellaneous: How do I...

The Cabanas at Fins Left and Fins Right pools are the perfect way to take your day at the pool from "ahhhh" to "ahhhh-mazing!"  They offer dedicated space for you and your family, along with a shady retreat from the relentless Florida sun (and passing showers!).  Visit our Cabanas page to see the different types to choose from and learn how to reserve yours.  Fees apply, but Members receive special pricing and discounts in many cases.
The United States Postal Service does not perform regular mail delivery to the Cottage community because it is considered to primarily be a short-term rental community.  Post Office Boxes or similar services are available from nearby vendors.  Many delivery services do offer package delivery within the community, but in some instances may deliver community packages directly to Margaritaville Hotel instead of your cottage.  Check with your carrier for details, as packages delivered to the hotel will incur a service fee from the hotel’s business center.  If an expected package does not arrive at your Cottage as scheduled, please proactively contact the front desk (407-479-0950, ext. 0) to see if it has been delivered there; the Hotel usually does not have contact information for Cottage Owners so they are often unable to notify you that a package has arrived.  Please pick up any pacakges delivered to the Hotel in a timely manner, as storage space is extremely limited and unclaimed packages may be discarded after best efforts have been made to arrange for their pickup or delivery.
A brief overview of frequently-asked questions is available in our Cottage Services Guide.  Artemis Lifestyles maintains a more extensive Cottage Owners Handbook which outlines services such as utilities, trash pickup, community security, pest control, private pool maintenance, and more.  The Owner Handbook is available in the Community Documents section of the Artemis Lifestyles website.
We can't help you sell your Cottage, but there are a few things you need to be aware of to make the transiton from seller to buyer as easy as possible.  The Club and Community Documents require that Artemis Lifestyles and the Club Membership Director be notified of your intent to sell so estoppels can be issued.  In addition, all Club Membership Cards must be returned to the Membership office so that new Member Cards can be issued to the buyer.  And, like any real estate transaction, you're expected to provide Cottage Keycards to your buyer at Closing (sellers often forget to do this, which leads to the buyer being stranded without a way to get into their Cottage after closing).  Remember that if you're leaving the approved Rental Program and selling your Cottage, the temporary keycards your Rental Manager provides will only work for a short period of time; your buyers may not realize this and get locked out of their Cottage unexpectedly!  Requesting permanent Keycards from the Club prior to the sale is a great way to make sure that you're setting your buyer up for success.
In an emergency, dial 911 for Osceola County emergency services.  For non-emergency situations, please report the incident to the appropriate Resort group.
For noise complaints and other security concerns inside the Cottage Community, please contact Community Security at 347-818-8273 as the event is occurring so it can be quickly addressed.

For concerns about unauthorized access or other security matters at the pools or Salty Rim, contact the on-site staff for assistance.  The pool area is also under patrol by the Hotel security team, which can be notified by contacting the Front Desk or the Hotel switchboard (407-479-0950, ext. 0).
If you've not been able to find an answer to your question or want to share a comment or concern, please visit our Contacts page to find the correct person to whom your correspondence should be addressed.